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Prologue (3)
Hair, Brooek, ;), Me


The Goth family (2),

Cassandra, Now married to Darren with her twin children, Cornelia and Adam. However since they had been kicked out of thier home they lost all thier money. All the tabliods in Pleasantview had dragged thier names through the dirt, picturing them as nothing more then slobs, moving into the slums. Casandra doesnt want this to be the life her children grow up in, but she doesn't know if there much more than she can do.

Darren, He always had a thing for cassandra ever since he moved to plesantview, but when he finally got her, he wasnt sure if he was the best thing for her. After they were kicked out of his new wifes childhood home, he tried his best to sell paintings to make money, but he doesnt know if painting will keep them out of loosing more then they already have especially with two children to raise. He may have to give up his creative life, an work an office job before his family is nothing more then the tramps of Pleasantview.

Cornelia and Adam, They knew that they were once the most powerful family in Pleasantview but reading the newpapers has lead them to realise that they are now no more then the dirt on everyones shoes, Cornelia however is determineed to get back the family fortune, and with her being one of the two only girls in town it could be quite possible.

Is Cornelia there only way back into there own family fortune or will the Broke's youngest girl make it there before them ?

The Broke Family,

Brandi, After her first husband died, Brandi had no idea what to do, she had no money and no job, but two boys and another on the way, She gave birth to another beautiful boy and hoped to god they had enough money to live of until he came of age. When he grew up she could finally work, which was a new world for her, but she was always a fast learner. Her children kept her sane, as she had no chance to think about her late husband. But She then met Daniel who was a breath of fresh air for her, she knew he didnt want anything from her, and she felt the same. But then when she found out she was pegnant it all went wrong. She knew Daniel was a tradtional man and so they would have to marry, however Daniel turned out to be the kind of man she wanted, with her new born baby girl, January, she felt that life was going well.

Daniel, Now living his new life with the Broke family decided to become a loyal man, no longer having affairs and keeping his family happy. However he is very scared of falling into old trends. Looking after Brandi's threee boys and his own daughter he feels there is nothing to distract him, but they wont be there for much longer, can he stay a family man ?

Dustin, After his life of crim as a teenager, and loosing the one thing he loved, Angela to his bestfriend, Dirk. He moved out of the family "manor"  and realised that Crime doesn't actually pay. He also found out  that he did love something else animals, he decided to fulfill his lifetime want to employ six pets, which he did sucessfully who all work at the top level, earning him a higher pay packet then his family, But his lovelife has been kept on hold.

Beau, has dedicated his life to becoming something much more than any of his family has been, so that he can provide for his family. But what he didnt count on was that he wasnt going to fall for the local "girl" but the richest "boy" in town. Is this his big break ? or is he just confused? with Alexander asking him to go steady he isn't sure weather it is actually just a phase or if he does want to be with men.

Johnathan and January Havent actually landed on there feet yet, not quite sure of what to make of life. Johnathan is loyal to his mother trying to make her life as easy as possible and hoping to have a family of his own one day. But January's future is already laid infront of her, to marry one of the Goth boy's to help the family have a calim to fame, but is that what she really wants? She isnt to sure.



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