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Prologue (2)
Hair, Brooek, ;), Me
This is the second part to the catch up.

The Pleasant family,

Daniel, Already having an affair with the very permiscous maid Kaylynn. He thought he was gettin away with it easily as he made his move wilst Mary-sue was at work. However he didnt factor in that Mary-sue would be fired, she walked in to find him in bed with sed maid. With a few arguments he wasn't sure what was going on with his marriage. Through this is realised that he did actually love his wife, he pleaded for her forgivness, but they soon had to depart and he couldn't do anything. After moving out he moved into his new "pad" he became a loved up wreck, sleeping with anyone he could and carring on his affair with Kaylynn. He started to loose touch with his children and became a lonely old man, but he met the infamously poor widow Brandi Broke. Through all of his conquests he got her pregnant, after retiring, he knew he had to now marry Brandi as he was a very traditional man. He also saw this as an opportunity to start over again before he died.

Mary-sue, After finding out her husband was having an affair she wasn't sure if she should devorce her husband or keep her family together as much as she could, however they were all drifting apart. After a long day of arguing with her husband and one of her daughters, she decided she had to devorce Daniel. She watched him leave thier home and feeling more relief than sadness. She decided once the taxi left that she doesnt need a man to live. So she decided to dive into her work, becoming Pleasantviews spokesperson. But in throwing herself into her work, she forgot to watch her children, she didnt have anthing to worry about with Angela as she was a "perfect" child. But her other child Angela's twin sister Lilth, was getting into trouble left right and centre. Being brought home by the police, drinking, failing school and running away almost every week. But when Lilth finally moved out and dissappeared she didnt know what to do, so she decided to devote herself to her grandchildren after retiring and helping them grow up as best she could, until she did finally pass away.

Angela, Trying to make the best of everything she strived for the best and was an A student. Through her parents splitting up and her sister going insane, she stuck to what she knew, studying and her love for her boyfriend, Dustin Broke. When she finally did have to stop keeping her nose in a book, she realised that her sister was truely un-happy and then left for good, with them not hearing a thing from her since. She also soon discovered that her love for Dustin was more of a convience and that she really did love her friend and her sisters ex beau Dirk. It was the last thing she imagined to happen but she was finally truely happy. They Married and had two healthy sons, who were growing into fine boys infront of them. But after Mary-sue died, Angela had to give up her job, that she worked so hard for all her childhood, to look after her children. And after the death of her Aunt and uncle her younger cousin, Lucy burb, who she now has to look after. She is now looking at her own mortality as she is growing older and fast.

Aaron and A-Jay, The two youngest Pleasants are growing up in a loving home, they know no diffrent then the peace and love of thier family even thou they miss thier grandmother and havent spent much time with thier grandfather. But life can't always be happy.

The Burbs,

John, His life is still a mysterious man, there isnt alot of story to do with him but they moved into the Pleasant view "Oldies" home. He wanted everything for his family, he got a job he hated to provide his wife with what she wanted. His daughter was a perfect angel and he was prepared to make the sacrafice. However he didnt realise that smoke killed you in your sleep.

Jennifer, Daniel's sister moved to the city after her parents died and met her husband John, Who wanted to go back to her home town, it wasnt long after that she met her demise thanks to a mysterious house fire.

Lucy, The sole survivor of the "Oldie" household fire, she liked the look of her new town and was happy. However Lucy isnt as nice and perfect as everyone thinks, there is a dark side to her. She was the sole survivor of the fire because she caused it and say sleeping outside. After her parents died, the house turned into the Pleasant Funeral home, where all Pleasant family memebers will be buried. But her cousin Angela took custody of her until she turned 18. But does she want a normal life or is there more crazy-ness to come from her?


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