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brooke_sims's Journal

28 October
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DO you like the Sims 2?
Then this is the blog for you.
I am writing these blods as a series about the lives of the Pleasantview characters.
I am a bit geekish when it come to the sims.

The current blog list is here;

1st Blog : Prologue (1-4)
5th Blog : Prsent story for the Goth family (1).
6th Blog : Present story for the Plesant family.

The blogs will be done whenever i have an update, so there wont be a strict time for them to be published.
In the gameplay itself, i dont use any hacks nor cheats, i just go with the flow and what happens happens, as in real life.
Let me know if you have any thought or questions please.

all sorts :)., badminton, desperate housewives, gossip girl, jefree deaver books., mona lisa smile., obsession with fruit :)., shameless, sims., southland tales, tennis, yoga