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Prologue (1)
Hair, Brooek, ;), Me
This is to catch you up on what you have already missed. (Sorry i hadnt started this when i started playing).

Time has moved on, I will catch you up with each family.

The Goth family (1);

The oldest and most powerful family in all of Pleasantville.

Cassandra, was engaged and set to marry Don, but feelings for a close friend of hers was creeping in Darren Goth (Whom was a fair bit older than she was. After realising who she was going to marry she soon called off the wedding to Don and got married the Darren, Who soon got her pregnant.

Alexander, Growing up in a safe home and knowing he was loved he was always happy, but he knew there was something he was looking for. He thought it was for his mother Bella Goth who had dissapeared not long ago but soon after growing up and going to Pleasantview high he realised what he was looking for was someone to give love to. In meeting that special person, not only was it someone not in his high status family, it was also of the same sex, he found love in Young Beau Broke.

Mortimer, Knowing his time was going oh so quickly he knew he had to enjoy life before it was too late. He soon asked Dina Caliente to marry him, with no hesistation she said "Yes!", But too his surprise she was pregnant already, being such a well known family they had to get married before the child was born out of wed-lock. Soon after there wedding, Dina gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named "Morty". However Mortimer never got to see his new son as he was unfortunately deceased.

The new "Dina Goth", Surprising to you im sure, she found out that the baby she was carrying was not one of the Goth's blood but of Don Lothario, but keeping this a secret was crucial to her plan. After Mortimer's death, she bestowed her new son "Morty" after his dead "father". As time went on Dina Unraveled more of her plan, when Cassandra told the family she was pregnant, Dina told them there would not be enough room and that she had to leave. And with Dina being the hier to the household she got them legally taken out of thier own home. And moved her dear sister Nina in, who was pregnant herself.

When the Caliente sister moved to Pleasantview they had a specific plan to become the most known and wealthy people in it. By marrying Mortimer and moving out the family they soon did this, however they still had to deal with Alexander, who is not prepared to give up the family manor. Who is going to become the hier to the household, Dina's child and the new Goth line ? Or the rightful one Alexander? 

The Caliente family;

Nina, the younger and less attractive sister, was always in Dina's shadow. And Whenever Dina told her to jump she would have to say "How high?" But when they had created there plan, Nina decided that doing all the work she had to for Dina was worth, when she had her own agenda for getting ahold of part of the Goth family jewels. When Dina moved out, she had time to think of everything she was going to do when becoming rich, writing everything in the diary she had kept since she was eight. However she didnt count on becoming pregnant from one of her her frequent "thumbles" with Don Lothario. Luckly before she gave birth her sister had moved them into the Goth manor, life was going well and after her child was born, being named "Alfie", she set her plan in motion. Unfortunately in falling asleep after a long day she had left her diary out on the floor.

Dina, After reading her sisters diary she soon discovered that her own sister had one set agenda, "to kill Dina and to become the only hier to the Goth fortune" Inraged and hurt by this, Dina took her sister and locked her in the basement. After going back to her daily routine, she reported to the police that her sister had ran away, "not being able to cope with a child" and she was worried about what could have happened to her. A week later she came down to find her sisters dead body on the floor, she buried her before there was any eveidence, and carried on with her life. She adopted baby Alfie after the police reported her missing and presummed dead.

Is Dina going to get away with killing another human being, her own sister? And is this the end of the Caliente line? or is her son going to carry it on for her ?

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Oooooo. Very diabolical. I very much like so far!

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